The Rhinologist – Issue 1/2024

Published on 12/01/2024

Articles in this issue: 5

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Articles in this issue

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1. Changing in nasal cellularity in post-acute covid patients. – G. Monti

2. Solitary fibrous tumors of the sininasal tract: A rare case involved the nasal septum. – D. Burrascano

3. The elder nose: A narrative review. – E. Grigaliute

4. New insights into the importance of establishing histomorphological criteria for CRSwNP. – R. Giancaspro

5. Video session: Anosmia and iposmia: The cause and the solution. – P. Castelnuovo

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Video session: Anosmia and iposmia: the cause and the solution – P. Castelnuovo